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UEFA Euro 2024 Aluminium Juomapullo XL

UEFA Euro 2024 Aluminium Juomapullo XL. Virallinen Euro 2024 -kisatuote!


  • Vibrant fade design aluminium drinks bottle
  • Featuring the UEFA Euro 2024 crest and text printed in white
  • Canteen quench cap with a closable drinking spout
  • Official licensed product
  • Approx 750ml (25oz)
  • Approx 26cm tall, 7cm in diameter
  • Product weight 150g
  • With a swing tag

UEFA Euro 2024 3D Trophy Avaimenperä

 UEFA Euro 2024 3D Trophy Avaimenperä


  • 3D metal shaped keyring with split ring
  • 3D trophy design featuring the UEFA Euro 2024 crest
  • Official licensed product
  • Approx 45mm x 20mm
  • Product weight 58g
  • On a backing card



UEFA Euro 2024 Jalkapallo

UEFA Euro 2024 Jalkapallo, Koko 5. Virallinen Euro 2024 -kisatuote!



  • Multi-coloured 32 panel everyday PVC Football
  • Features the Euro 2024 design in a repeat triangular pattern
  • Suitable for 14 yrs and older
  • Official licensed product
  • Size 5 football
  • Approx 69cm in circumference
  • Product weight 382g

UEFA Euro 2024 Reppu


UEFA EURO 2024 REPPU. Virallinen Euro 2024 kisatuote!



  • Blue slimline backpack featuring the UEFA Euro 2024 logo
  • Adjustable shoulder straps padded for comfort and a handy carry strap
  • Main compartment has a large double zipped opening for easy access
  • Additional zipped front pocket
  • Rubber zip pulls featuring raised UEFA detail
  • Official licensed product
  • Approx 40cm x 30cm x 14cm
  • Product weight 342g
  • With a swing tag


Englanti FA Salireppu

Englanti FA Salireppu. Virallinen Englannin jalkapallomaajoukkueen fanituote!


Englanti FA Three Lions Taitopallo



Englanti FA Three Lions Taitopallo. Koko 1.



  • Three Lions design PVC football
  • 30 panel blue and white ball with an England crest and three Lions text
  • Skill practice ball suitable for all ages
  • Official licensed product
  • Size 1 football
  • Approx 47cm in circumference
  • Product weight 180g

Englanti FA Muki

Englanti FA Muki. Englannin jalkapallomaajoukkueen virallinen tuote!



  • Ceramic everyday coffee mug
  • Cropped red and blue Lion design featuring Three Lions text and full colour club crest
  • Glazed kiln fired finish with white handle
  • Official licensed product
  • Approx 315ml (11oz)
  • Approx 9cm tall, 8cm in diameter
  • Product weight 438g
  • In a printed card box